Not just “another WordPress blog” | EnAbling Change at the McMichael Canadian Art Collection

Welcome to the McMichael Canadian Art Collection’s EnAbling Change blog!

The McMichael is proud to announce our EnAbling Change partnership with the Government of Ontario. In this blog, you will read and view material documenting our process in writing a best practices guide. Located in Kleinburg, Ontario, our gallery is a Canadian art gem cherished by locals and tourists from around the world. We want to improve accessibility for every individual, including those with disabilities.

Whether consisting of mental, physical or learning, individuals with disabilites have the right to experience art. We welcome them to our gallery to explore our grounds and participate in unique programs that are accessible, cater to their needs and feed their creativity.

The blog will not only assist and document the process of writing a best practices guide, but is an online resource for participants and their families to witness the benefits, growth and success of McMichael programming. 

Please enjoy each post of our journey in EnAbling Change at the McMichael Canadian Art Collection.

Ola Mazzuca
Project Coordinator
EnAbling Change
the McMichael Canada Art Collection


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