James Everest is a regular participant at McMichael Accessible Art Programs. His blog, The Everest Report, is published weekly on Everybody Is A OK.

James documents his experiences at the McMichael in a descriptive manner, with strong anecdotes. This is definitely a report worth sharing!

Check out James’ latest post here, where he discusses his “awesome time” at Arctic Adventure, the winter instalment of our accessible family art programs.

Everybody is AOK

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Our faithful blogger James Everest was at the McMichael Gallery today for ‘Arctic Adventure Access Family Art Activity’.

Hey there everyone. James here. I had an awesome time at McMichael Art Gallery. We walked outside and saw some animal statues. They were really neat. Then we went inside and made animals out of clay and soap and I traced two owls and put plasticine over them. Another thing I enjoyed about the trip was when Liam ate the plasticine thinking it was chocolate. Me, Dad, Cody, Ashley, Heidi, Liam, Jenny, and everyone else enjoyed themselves. Overall, a fun trip to the art gallery. Looking forward to the next.

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