Springing into summer at Woodland Wonders

The McMichael family art program, Woodland Wonders, was a wonderful way to begin the season. Vibrant watercolour crayons adorned canvas after canvas as participants drew everything from abstract shapes to nature scenes with perspective.

Saturday, June 15 was sunny and clear – a great way to end a week full of thunder and rain! We had a great turnout of 11 youth and 14 family members. Moms, dads, siblings and grandparents engaged in activities alongside the talented artists, and were also inspired to grab a paintbrush and palette.

The day began with a gentle walk around the McMichael grounds, where Anna, our instructor, distributed magnifying glasses. The group explored the greenery on the grounds, identifying insects and plant species. Anna and assistant instructor Susan led the group on a tour through Tom Thomson’s Shack to experience the prolific Canadian artist’s rustic work environment.

Back at Pine Cottage, the team created 3D sky paintings, blending acrylics on cardboard and tin foil. Artists moved outside again to a shaded area, where they created nature scene interpretations on canvas, drawing from leaves and branches picked up during the walk. Flowers, picnic tables, ice cream cones and TTC trains were among some of the many art themes.


For a list of our spring/summer 2013 accessible programs, please see our accessible programs brochure.



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