We’re nominated for a ‘Versatile Blogger Award!’

Happy summer, followers!

Last week, I was pleased to discover that Jacklyn Hancock, of her self-titled blog, nominated EnAbling Change at the McMichael Canadian Art Collection for a ‘Versatile Blogger Award.’

This award works in a chain mail-like format, as each blog nominated is advised to “pay it forward” by doing the following:

•Thank the person that nominated you.
•Include a link to their blog.
•Nominate 10 bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award and include a link to their blog.
•Share 7 things about yourself with the person that nominated you.

It has been such an amazing journey developing the Best Practices Guide for accessible programming at the McMichael Canadian Art Collection.
Sending a big thanks and shout out to Jacklyn Hancock! We appreciate your support.

1. Jacklyn Hancock Visual Artist – http://hancockjacklyn.wordpress.com/
2. Rolling Around In My Head – http://davehingsburger.blogspot.ca/
3. The Incluseum – http://incluseum.com/
4. Everybody is AOK (Autism Ontario) – http://everybodyisaok.com/
5. Take Nothing For Granted (Living With Sotos Syndrome/Autism) – http://takenothingforgranted.wordpress.com/
6. Autism  Speaks Canada – http://www.autismspeaks.ca/news/blog1/
7. A.R.T. Creations – http://www.creatingorganic.com/
8.Enabled by Design – http://enabledbydesign.org/
9. Daily Art Fixx – http://www.dailyartfixx.com/
. Alzheimer’s Society Blog – http://alzheimersocietyblog.ca/

Seven things about me:

7. My name is Ola, and I am the administrator of this blog, in conjunction with my role as Project Coordinator of the EnAbling Change Project at the McMichael Canadian Art Collection.

6. I love all mediums of art! Among many favourites, my Canadian painters of choice are Mary Pratt and Norval Morrisseau. I am also a huge fan of photographer Peter Beste.

5. I am also a working journalist and features editor for a women’s lifestyle magazine.

4. I have a strong passion for music. With humble beginnings in music journalism, my roots of expertise are in heavy metal (and all of its sub-genres), yet my aural taste is vast. I can listen to Dancehall one minute, Puccini the next.

3. I am obsessed with culture, specifically the topic of ethnic foods.When I travel, I am at my best.

2. I do not believe in stigma, exclusion, racism or prejudice.

1. I believe in action through art, celebrating abilities and equality.


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