The Everest Report: If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

One of our talented artists, James Everest, reports on the latest and greatest. Check out The Everest Report on the Everybodyisaok Blog (Autism Ontario) for weekly highlights!

Everybody is AOK

EVEREST REPORT 2013James Everest is a young man living with an autism spectrum disorder. Each week he blogs about his activities, including his weekly volunteer commitment.

Hey everyone. I had another eventful week. Monday I went back to work at Early Years. Later I went with Dad to his drum lesson. Tuesday I went with Mom and Dad to the chiropractor. Then we took Mom to the airport and met my aunt for sushi. Wednesday I had dinner at Turtle Jack’s with Kerry’s Place.

Thursday I read “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” to the kids at Early Years. Later I went bowling with Michael and Jeffrey. Friday I visited dealerships with Dad. Later we picked up Mom from the airport. Overall another fun and busy week. Lots more to come!If_you_Give_a_Mouse_a_Cookie

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