The Everest Report: Santa and Eddie Izzard

One of our accessible program participants has great taste in comedy. James Everest catches Eddie Izzard at Massey Hall in his most recent post on the Autism Ontario blog.

Everybody is AOK

EVEREST REPORT 2013James Everest is a young man living with an autism spectrum disorder. Every week he generously blogs about his activities. He does a lot more than most of us!

Hey everyone. I had another busy week. Monday I had fun with the kids at Early Years. Later I had speech therapy and went to drums with dad. Tuesday I read to the toddlers at Sixteenth Avenue Public School. Then my dad picked me up and we met my aunt for sushi. Wednesday Mike came to visit me at SAPS. Later I went to hand drums with dad, Cody and Heidi. Thursday I read to the kids at Early Years. Later I went bowling with Michael and Jeffrey. Friday I visited dealerships with dad.

Saturday, we pick up mom from the airport. Then I have swimming and the Autism Ontario Christmas Party. Later I’m going to see Eddie Izzard at Massey…

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