The Ontario Ministry of Community and Social Services attended our February 17 opening of Land Connections – our first accessible art exhibition – and documented the event with this mini doc.

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Land Connections Exhibition A Success!

What if you never knew your child could create such beautiful art? What if you have never seen your kids participate in painting, sculpting and designing? What if your first time witnessing their talent in the raw was at a nationally-renowned art gallery in the heart of historic Kleinburg?

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Some masterpieces were displayed in a glass case.

That’s what many parents experienced at our special exhibition opening of Land Connections. On Sunday, February 17, artists from Connect, our City of Vaughan partnership program, viewed their pieces on display inside Founder’s Lounge. The paintings inspired by A.Y. Jackson’s Bent Pine glowed underneath spotlights that shone on every stroke of acrylic paint, piece of clay and leaf applique.

(from left to right) art instructor Anna Pallotta with City of Vaughan staff Vanessa L. and Vanessa A. with artist Alexander Miceli

(from left to right) art instructor Anna Pallotta with City of Vaughan staff Vanessa L. and Vanessa A. with artist Alexander Miceli

 IMG_3506Family members, friends and support workers were astonished at the works, moving around every corner of the room until every multimedia piece was viewed. Some stopped to look at the artworks, pondering and examining every earthy colour and intricate technique – just like they would at our previous exhibition, Painting Canada.

A digital media team from the Ministry of Community and Social Services were also present, as they filmed a very special segment for the AccessON YouTube series, Accessibility in Ontario.

Keep your eyes and ears out for the McMichael on the AccessON channel, where Connect artists Hazel and Sabrina will share some insight on their masterpieces and the power of accessible art.

Celebrate accessible art with Land Connections, a special community exhibition

 The McMichael Canadian Art Collection and City of Vaughan Recreation & Culture
cordially invite you to celebrate:

Land Connections
on Sunday, February 17, 2013
at 12:30 p.m.

During fall 2012, the McMichael designed an accessible art program led by a professional instructor that is inclusive for individual abilities. Inspired by A.Y. Jackson’s painting, Bent Pine, four art workshops were incorporated in the November 2012 session of Vaughan Recreation and Culture’s Connect program for children living with special needs. Based on exploration of texturized landscape reproductions, small acrylic copies and natural materials such as pine needles and tree bark, the participants offered their own personal interpretation of the subject in a three-dimensional collage medium.

A true sensory experience of painting and modelling, Land Connections is not only a celebration of definitive Canadian art, but the creative abilities of its participants and fulfilling artistic process.

The exhibition will be on view at the McMichael in the Founders’ Lounge from February 2 to 24, 2013.

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